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Having both grown up in Lakewood, Colorado, Becca & Glen Antwiler had NO idea years later they would become the best of friends, get married, and… own a spa together! Even with going to the same junior high… the same high school… sports programs and numerous events where they should have easily bumped into each other… it took a small journey for them both before they would eventually find each other and fall deeply in love.

Essentials Lakewood Now Immerse Spa and Salon

Immerse itself has had its own journey starting off as Essentials Massage & Facials of Lakewood back in 2018. Originally, Essentials was a franchise model. Born out of Florida, it was a bit of an orphan and the only store outside of that state. 

As luck would have it, Becca happened to be employed only 4 short months after the grand opening, and having been a Cosmetologist at the time for 19 years prior, she absolutely loved the original concept and dove in to be a part of the growth. 

Today, Immerse still has a lot of the same flare of the original Essentials offering a wide variety of services to create a one stop shop of luxury pampering and self-care. Something both Becca & Glen saw the value in for their guests.

Visits to the spa are generally relaxing and, at many other spas, focused around looking and feeling good about yourself. While Immerse Spa & Salon does want the same for our clients, our intent goes much deeper. We want to provide an environment that eases your tension and brightens your mood and services that give you more than a pick-me-up. We want to help you find healing of the mind and body, so we have structured our services to provide a holistic approach to your well-being.

Our goal is to help clients find their inner balance and harmony and promote healing from within.

Immerse is a Mind & Body Day Spa offering a wide variety of services focused on two main areas of our clients’ needs: healing and relaxation. From giving our clientele a peaceful setting to rejuvenate and restore mental fortitude to helping our clients with physical needs like alleviating stress on muscles or specific areas of the body that need more intense therapeutic, regularly addressed work on the body. Our staff focuses on providing an unparalleled experience for our guests to feel a tranquil, relaxed experience and the ability to find healing.

Services & Pricing

Becca & Glen saw a vision for Immerse as a place where everyone can come feel completely welcomed by a relaxed environment with some of the absolute best in massage, skin care and salon services. As hands on local owners, their passion has been and will always be to provide some of the most amazing experiences for their guests in healing, mind & body balance, and self-care rejuvenation.

“Sometimes what is most important to you, is far closer to your grasp than you ever thought possible.”

Services & Pricing
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