IR Sauna

Introducing Halo-IR™ Sauna at Immerse!
Full Spectrum Infrared with Medical Grade Halotherapy (Salt), Medical Grade Chromotherapy (Light), Breathe and Detox Suite with Professionally Guided Meditation.

“We thought our guests deserved the best… like ridiculously the best sauna out there.”

Stimulate all 5 of your senses with just 20 minutes to aid in so many health benefits:
Boost Immunity
Reduce Stress
Anxiety & Depression
Improve Skin Clarity
Reduce Overall Pain
Burn Calories
Improve Breathing
Sleep Better
Immerse's Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna comes with Light, Color, Salt and Sound Therapy designed to give you the ultimate in safe, healing, all-encompassing therapy like no other sauna on the market, and conveniently all in 20 minute sessions. Treat yourself in our private room for one (or you and a guest) as a standalone regular treatment, or to enhance a massage, skin care service or any of our many spa day packages for a truly immersive experience.

How it works:

Meditation sounds gently accompany a full spectrum of light therapy (chromotherapy) and the use of near, mid, and far infrared light technology to deliver a penetrating warmth to your body on both the front and back of your core. Unlike traditional steam sauna’s where the room can get to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity, Immerse’s infrared sauna is a dry heat where the IR penetrates deep into the dermis layers to improve circulation, loosen muscle tension, along with numerous other skin clarity benefits. The 130 degree room can also be accompanied with salt therapy (Halotherapy). 

The use of salt in conjunction with the heat delivers better results for both skin and lung conditions where people with asthma, chronic lung conditions and even allergies have seen improvements to those underlying issues. These saunas are known to reduce fatigue, lower anxiety and depression, lessen inflammation, reduce pain, boost immunity through reduction of toxins expelled through the skin and noted to have many additional health benefits. Users of infrared saunas can see better sleep, improved recover time from physical stresses and enhanced breathing.
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Pairs Well With:

Try Immerse’s infrared sauna before a massage or skin care service to help relax your mind, setting the tone to destress all while loosening muscle groups to aid in massage therapy and recovery, or before any of our skin care services to open pours and help skin feel rejuvenated with both the use of the infrared penetrating light and salt on your skin. The infrared service can be a great addition to any couples retreat as well.
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