ColorUp Travel Kit


If you’re traveling and want to keep up with your skincare routine, the Skincare Travel Set is just what you need! You get enough product to last you for about 3 weeks.  The ColorUp Travel Kit includes 9 items from their product line, AND a custom Color Up Reusable canvas bag. TSA friendly!

  • REMOVE Foaming Cleanser 1 fl.oz.
  • FIRM Peptide Serum .125 fl.oz.
  • REPAIR Daily Moisturizer .5 fl.oz.
  • REPAIR Light Daily Moisturizer .5 fl.oz.
  • BRIGHT Eye Cream .125 fl.oz.
  • REMEDY Treatment Oil .25 fl.oz.
  • EXFOLIATE Enzyme Masque .25 fl.oz.
  • GLOW Illuminating Masque .25 fl.oz.
  • RELIEF Salve .125 fl.oz.
  • PURE Herbal Oil 3.5mlv

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